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Butterflies in the Garden

Plant It and They Will Come

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Things to Do



Butterfly Trips: 

Check out the upcoming Butterfly trips under "Butterflies and More".




Visit a Butterfly House:

A list of Butterfly houses throughout the United States and Ontario can be found by clicking Butterfly Houses.

Places to Look for Butterflies

Crosswinds Marsh:

Heading South – Take I-275 south to Will-Carleton/Oakville Waltz Road Exit #8. Turn right. Follow Will-Carleton Road (it will change names to Oakville Waltz Road near the big landfill site) west 3 1/2 miles to Haggerty Road (Shortly after you pass the landfill you will see Haggerty Road) It’s a dirt road. Turn right. Take Haggerty Road 1/2 mile north to park entrance on the west side (left) of the road.

Lower Rouge River Recreation Trail:

It is located on Morton Taylor, just north of Michigan Avenue, in Canton, Michigan.

Butterflies I saw there were: Viceroy 2, Pearl Crescent 5, Eastern Tailed-Blue 6 female and 1 male, Monarch 5, and Clouded Sulphur 2.



Eastern Tailed-Blue - female



Pearl Crescent

Monarch - female