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Butterflies in the Garden

Plant It and They Will Come

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The Butterfly



What would this world be without the butterfly?


Drifting in and out of the garden, a splash of

       colors so magnificent.


Dropping from the sky, floating to each flower.


Carrying a message from God perhaps.


A gentle nature, hugging each flower so softly.


Life is short for the butterfly.


Each moment means so much.


We can learn a lot from the butterfly.


Add a little color to someone’s life.


Give them a hug, a warm embrace.


Do it today, not another day.


Life can flitter away so quickly sometimes.


Each moment means so much.


Learn from the butterfly, dropping from the sky.



    Author: Roger Brock  2-20-2010  ©



Flutter Wonder


Butterflies are a favored bug

As their names are pretty and fanciful:

Painted Lady, Red Admiral, Tortoiseshell

Monarch, Viceroy, Fritillary, Tiger Swallowtail,


The English call this bug that flutters by

... a butterfly.

Should one flit across the channel,

Over to Holland, this bit of nature's splendor

Would change it's name to a little vlinder.


Should it flutter further into Germany

... a schmetterling

Fly up north into the Danes land

The summer delight becomes a sommerfugle.


Had it turned south over France's farms

They would call the palpitator a papillon;

Further into Spanish lands

A marvelous mariposa.


The little bauble becomes,

In Portugal...a barboleta.

All the way down the length of Italy,

Should it fly so far...the farfalla.


So...vlinder, schmetterling, sommerfugle,

Mariposa, papillon, barboleta, farfalla ...

Slow down flutter color...

Won't you pause a bit?


Show us where is your caterpillar?

They are out there some where for sure.

But since caterpillars are so slow

                                          S'pose it's best...we don't know.  


by Steve Veresh



                             Enchanted Prey

                (upon planting a butterfly garden)


                  While one would hardly note

                    A beetle or fly's hello... goodbye.

                    Nor nostalgia in the passing thought

                    Of summer skeeter swarms midst twilights warm.

                    One could wistfully

                    Recall all the kinds

                    Of boyhood butterflies

                    Filling summer days.


                  Ants and beetles...

                    But butterflies...

                    Were elusive enchanted prey.

                    Not to conquer, not to slay.

                    Just to catch flit and flourish

                    Colors pure, designs of symmetry.


                  Now I seek to lure and feed,

                    Creating more of flighty beauty.

                    Then capture glimpses...

                    To linger through winter's somber shades.


                                                  by Steve Veresh


 A Merry Monarch Christmas


It's Christmas time in Mexico
And the monarchs still arrive every day or so.

They flit and fly among the trees
And softly glide upon the breeze.

Their colors shine all orange and black
As they look for spots for a long winters nap.

We hope they survive their winter retreat
And pray for safety when they're fast asleep.

With visions of milkweed dancing in their head
They conserve their energy while asleep in their bed.

On spring's arrival when the sun shines longer
They awake from their slumber and need to get stronger.

They start their journey north without much pause
For they know they are special, kind of like Santa Claus.

Delivering presents and bundles of joy
That soon will develop into new girls and boys.

While they complete their cycle with the end drawing near
They hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

by Melanie Schuchart



Transformation, I Am


I am,

   As a caterpillar.


           Self acceptance.

           Slow down enough to be still; still enough to acknowledge need


                              for self care – enough to listen to self.


   To acknowledge the unknown, yet knowing vulnerability is courage.


   Letting ego go. 


           Changes are taking place. 

                 Impossible to return to the old.


            Personal growth awaits, moving into the unforeseen.

          Feeling of Peace, Serenity taking over my body.


            Trusting the process…



         Out in nature. Spiritual feeling unfolding in every molecule in me.

                    Change feels orgasmic.


Authentic new being.

                    Sprouting wings marked by God’s paint brush…



   Exploring new adventures.


                  Beautiful wings taking me places I have never imagined.

                     Happy.  Lightness. In the moment, I AM.    

Fluttering Flower to Flower.

                     In the garden of Beauty and Light.


          In gratitude for my past imperfections for I would not be a

                           butterfly if I had not be, a caterpillar.

                                   Feeling Safety and yet, Unconstrained.


                                               With Wings,I AM.



                                                   Author: Marja Norris -mLIISAn  




                        A Painted Lady Visits


                       I dreamnt I was a butterfly egg,
                    On a leaf, on a plant, in the ground -
                    And all I did from morn til night,
                    Was "kinda hang around"-

                       My mother made the trip from the south,
                    Where she slept on a twig,
                    She laid her eggs on a leaf,
                    And hoped we'd grow up big -

                       Summer days grew hotter,
                    And I "burst from an egg on a leaf -
                    I was extremely happy,
                    What a great relief -

                       Now, I am a caterpillar,
                     I eat everything in sight,
                    Leaves, eggs and stems,
                    Morning, noon and night -

                       I attach myself to a leaf,
                    "Metamorphosis is my game",
                    Shed lots of "exoskeletons",
                    Ain't that quite a name?

                       I'll build a roomy "chrysalis",
                    For six legs, thorax, abdomen,
                    Bristles, eyes, antennae,
                    I'll be done by then -

                       I'll be a "pretty butterfly",
                    I will grace your garden fair,
                    And when northern winds get chilly,
                    I'll head south and winter there...


                                          by Tom LaMay, Bless





An Ode to Milkweed


Milkweed growing oh so strong,

welcoming Monarchs with your fragrant song!


Leaves so tasty, green and bright,

filling caterpillars with certain delight!


Life will grow on leaf and stem,

then flutter off to begin again.


Milkweed, milkweed growing strong,

thank you for bringing Monarchs along!



by Nicole Hamilton





Butterfly in the Wind


A child is.......


A butterfly in the wind,

Some can fly higher than others;

but each one flies the best it can.

Why compare one against the other?


Each one is different! 

Each one is special!   

Each one is beautiful! 



                       ---Author Unknown