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Michigan is one of three states that does not have an official State Insect. The Monarch Butterfly is widely recognized throughout the State of Michigan, and lures many tourists annually to the shores of The Great Lakes to view its migration. The Monarch is symbolic for Michigan; like the Monarch, through hard work and tenacity Michigan can emerge beautifully. The people of Michigan understand the need to protect this beautiful creature, and this measure can help protect the Monarch and educate Michiganders of all ages.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016, 2 - 5:30 p.m. please join us at the State Capital in Lansing, Michigan for a rally. We would like to have as many adults and children as possible there. Let's show that we are in support of the Monarch as Michigan's State Insect.

Senate Bill 812 - Monarch Michigan State Insect


SB 812 to make the Monarch Michigan’s State Insect is in the Senate’s Government Committee. Please don’t let the bill die. Write your senators and representatives and let them know you are in support of this bill.

Here is a sample letter you may use.

Dear Senator/Representative,

I am writing in regards to SB 812, to have the Monarch butterfly become Michigan's official State Insect. The Monarch butterfly, a beautiful insect, would be a wonderful symbol for our beautiful Great Lakes State. It is easily recognized in both the Lower Peninsula and Upper Peninsula, it connects us. The Monarch is in need of all of our attention, because of declining numbers. By making it our state insect, it will help efforts to protect this beautiful creature.

Please support the Monarch by making it Michigan's State Insect.


Here are links to help you find your senators and representatives.

Senator district map - Statewide Senators.pdf
Senators - Senators.pdf
House of Representatives district map - house110statewide.pdf
Representatives - Representatives.pdf

If your city, village, or township is willing to support this, here is the resolution they can sign -  Michigan Monarch Resolution city village township.pdf

If you have a group that is willing to support this, here is resolution they can sign - 
Michigan Monarch Resolution group.pdf

Please send signed resolutions to: