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Butterflies in the Garden

Plant It and They Will Come

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North America
  Here is a short clip of one of my trips to the Monarch Butterfly colony at the Cerro Pelon.


The Overwintering Monarch Butterflies - Date for 2016 Not Available Yet
The fee for the trip is:
$x,xxx.00 per person
$xxx.00 per child (sharing with parents)
Enjoy one of the worlds most amazing phenomena, the overwintering sites of the Monarch butterflies. The sight of hundreds of millions of butterflies in the air at once, and millions basking on the trees is beyond the power of human description.
352-871-2710 or 352-377-6300, e-mail:,

Agua Blanca Canyon Resort
Located in the State of Michoacán, in the central region of Mexico, next to the town of Jungapeo. Enjoy the semitropical climate, diversity of flora, birds, and butterflies. There are walking trails that take you by spectacular sceneries and waterfalls. Relax in the healing thermo-mineral water pools, have a facial, or a massage.

Rent a Tourist Bus - If you would like to rent a tourist bus to visit the Monarch colonies or visit historical sites in the State of Michoacán, in the central region of Mexico contact Hugo Huber Torres. He is a wonderful person, safe bus driver, and a translator.
His address is:
Hugo H. Torres
Andador del Ebano No. 1
Col. Indeco, C.P.: 58190
Morelia, Michoacán Mexico
Tel. (443) 327-3631
Cel. (443) 229-5574