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Butterflies in the Garden

Plant It and They Will Come

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Butterfly Items
Nurseries and More

Shady Oak Butterfly Farm - Butterfly Lifecycle Kits and Gifts, Butterfly Host and Nectar Plants, Caterpillars and Chrysalises and Much More.

Butterfly Farming Supplies - Quality Products for Raising Healthy Butterflies.

If you are looking for Butterfly Related Merchandise go to They have apparel, books, jewelry, art, for the home, garden, publications, for children, optics, paper goods, gifts, weddings, NABA memberships, Monarchs only, and Dragonflies only.


BioQuip Products - Equipment, Supplies and Books for Entomology and Related Sciences.  



Nature Art


    Thistledown Studio - The nature art includes: dragonflies, spiders, amphibians, preying mantids, uncultivated plants and the lifecycles of butterflies and moths,



Ancient Child Studio - Handmade lampworked beads and jewelry. Unique meaningful designs that define your individuality; nature symbols - Monarch chrysalis necklace (14k gold-fill chain) and sterling silver chains for the other unique pieces, one of which is a robin's egg nest,









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