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Butterflies in the Garden

Plant It and They Will Come

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Brenda's Butterfly Habitat


Brenda's Butterfly Habitat has native butterflies of this area. It also has the host plants, so that people can see the complete life cycle. It is at Barson's Greenhouse. The address is 6414 N. Merriman Road, which is between Ford Road and Warren Road, Westland, MI 48185.


Thank you to everyone who has visited my butterfly habitat. It is truly a blessing to educate, give away eggs and caterpillars, and to share my love for butterflies with you.


Keep in mind that if you need a gift for someone, you can purchase my book, magnifiers, butterfly rearing containers, and engraved pavers (which will be installed on the walkway of the habitat) from me directly or mail order information is under the "Merchandise" tab.


Proceeds will be use to maintain the butterfly habitat.

If you would like to print the flyer click  here.

Open the first Thursday of June through the first Friday of September

Volunteers Always Welcome!


Closed July 4

Closed When Raining



Open - Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday 10 - 4 PM


Closed - Monday and Tuesday 




Admission: Donation




I give away Monarch eggs and caterpillars each year for a minimum donation of $1 each. Half of the proceeds will be donated to Monarch Watch, and the other half will go for expenses at Brenda's Butterfly Habitat.


Free Eggs and Caterpillars of Many Species of Lepidoptera.


I give away many FREE caterpillars and eggs as I get a surplus, if you have the host plant or buy the host plant. Many of the host plants can be purchased at Barson's Greenhouse. Bring a CONTAINER to take them home in or for a minimal fee, I can provide a small plastic container. Also bring LEAVES or buy the plants from Barson's Greenhouse, for them to eat on the way home.


All you have to do is "Like" me, on my Facebook page (Brenda's Butterfly Habitat) and you will receive a post when I have them available.

Orders for Engraved Pavers, for the walkway in Brenda's Butterfly Habitat, are now being offered. A donation of only $50, for each paver, goes towards maintaining the Butterfly House. If you would like to purchased one, please download the order form here.

The greenhouse is from Grayhawk Greenhouse Supply, 11720 Old State Line, Swanton, OH 43558, 419-825-3355 and was put up by Dennis Schwyn.



Thank you to all the people who have helped to make this dream come true.


Barson's Greenhouse - for use of their land and plants


Gayle Gullen, Roxanna Mueller, Sandra Wallace, Garry Edwards, Karen Jewell, Beth Turza, Rick Williams, Sue Orzel, Rachelle Melczek, Jeanine Fennessey, Linda Shinn, Maria Hooper, Joan & Jack Teetzel, Barb Ashteneau, Kim Carrier, Lynne Ellen Kaiser, and Ed Sohoza - preparation of beds


Stephanie Rife of Dreaming Inspirations - logo

Gayle Gullen of Finlandia Gardens of the Finnish Center - installation of border

Ted Boehm and Barson's Greenhouse - installation of pond

Tollgate - nectar signs

Garden City Garden Club - bench


Michigan Nature Association - grant

SEMBA - grant

MGAWC - grant

MGWWC - grant


May 2, 2012 - This is right before I opened. To see the most recent video, click on the video tab under the home page.


July 2, 2015


Creating Brenda's Butterfly Habitat
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