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Butterflies in the Garden

Plant It and They Will Come

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Raising Butterflies
Black Swallowtail

Black Swallowtails:


I had two Black Swallowtails eclose, (come out of their chrysalis) in the beginning of September, so I keep an eye for them to be laying eggs. Any butterflies from eggs you get late in the season will eclose the following year. Swallowtails overwinter in their chrysalises. If you raise any at the end of the season, make sure to put the container, that they make their chrysalis in, somewhere outside. I put mine in my detached garage. That way, they will be cold enough and not eclose (come out of their chrysalis) to soon.

You can see in my picture that I am raising Black Swallowtail caterpillars. These will overwinter in their chrysalises.

The container holding the dill and fennel is an empty pudding cup. I put floral foam for fresh flowers in it. Fill it with water, then insert the host food in the foam. Make sure the cup is completely filled with the foam or the caterpillars may drown in the water.